Your School Is Not a Building --- It's the People Inside

You may have heard it said, "the gold in the bank of the school is the staff." Simply put, schools that struggle to hire, train, and retain quality staff will be the schools that no one hears about tomorrow.

If you want to be a game-changer, get the right people on your team. Our experience in job recruitment and placement is for schools just like yours. You can post jobs on multiple sites and find multiple non-qualified applicants. 

We take our role seriously and make sure that every candidate has been pre-screened to specifically align with the needs, values, and purposes of various school staff positions. As a matter of fact, job seeker profiles and resumes uploaded to our site go through a pre-screening qualification with our staff before they are made viewable to employers.

CREATE AN ACCOUNT NOW -  Once your Employer Profile is approved you can post jobs for your organization. Each job you submit to list on our site and will need our site administrator approval. Once that happens you will receive a notice that your job listing was approved! You can track all of your job listing on the dashboard when you are logged in as an employer.

Our process provides a greater sense of certainty to school leaders that they will not have to comb through countless cover letters and resumes to find a short-list of quality applicants. We do that part for you.

NOTE: We want our site to maintain up-to-date and relevant job postings. We reserve the right to remove any posting at any time for violation of our policies and specifications.