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DIRECTOR | Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center

Maribel Ayos Torrenegra has accepted an appointment as the Director of Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center, effective July 2018.  Ms. Ayos is an experienced educational leader and is fluent in English and Spanish. 

Spiritual testimony, involvement in Christian ministry, and demonstrated spiritual leadership are all important facets of Ms. Ayos profile that make her an excellent fit for leadership at SCCLC, an international Christian school.  Her strong spiritual profile is a complement to her strong preparation and experience as a professional educator.  Maribel gained several years of experience as an engineer, before entering the educational field.

The trajectory of her educational career has included responsibilities as a certified teacher, IT Coordinator, Assistant Principal, Principal of a Christian school, and most recently Head and co-owner of a bilingual preschool.  Her training includes a degree in computer engineering, with a minor in management of projects, as well as a Master’s in Education from Western Carolina University.