About Us

Our Organization 

Welcome to Global School Searches, an associate organization within GLOBAL School Consulting Group Website. We have a passion for providing excellent consulting, training, and leadership development services to schools (and other organizations) in all regions of the world.

We recognize that no consultant has the breadth of expertise to service clients in all facets of school ownership, governance, and management, so we have chosen to associate ourselves with others with divergent expertise and perspective, permitting for GLOBAL to develop business synergy and for client needs to be addressed by a consultant capable of meeting their specific needs. 

What We Do

Using our personalized communication approach, we guide both candidates and employers to make meaningful connections through available positions. Global School Searches is directly engaged in providing recruitment and placement services to our client schools and to prospective teachers and leaders around the globe.

Our Leadership

GLOBAL School Searches was founded by Dr. David A. Wells, Principal and Executive Consultant of the GLOBAL Group.  David’s career as an international school head, consultant, conference speaker and trainer, and graduate school professor for international educators has led to a recognition of the need for this support for client schools.  The search and placement services were initiated in response to frequent requests by clients whose needs were not being met by the larger-scale firms. Currently, David leads Executive Searches internationally, while Executive Searches in the United States and all U.S. and international Faculty searches are now led by Clint Holden.